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About Harmony for Change

Harmony for Change is a group of concerned musicians and artists who are using their artistic talents for the purpose of promoting positive change in the world. 100% of all work and resources are donated to our cause, and every penny is sent to the most worthy charity we can find for a particular cause.

The concept was originally developed by Mariela Miranda of Costa Rica and Gary Belniak of Chicago, USA in the summer of 2010. Both artists were highly concerned and involved with efforts to clean up the BP oil spill. They developed the concept of pooling their unique talents of poetry and songwriting, along with their artistic partners, to create music that could increase social awareness to global situations and issues. Other musicians, artists and associates quickly jumped on board and the group continues to grow and flourish.

In August 2013, the group has released its second video, Hands of Fate to create a higher level of awareness of the needless violence that perpetrates our society. THe video is dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings.

In June 2014, the third video, Not Today was released. This video addresses the social issue of bullying, not only among children and at our schools, but within society in general. The song and video send a strong message that all children are special and the victims need to stand up and say "Enough"!

Read Mari Miranda's blog entry, Musical Heroes, about the origin and special meaning behind Harmony for Change.

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