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Harmony for Change was created to promote change and a better future for coming generations through the power and harmony of music.

Music is love converted into melodies that touch the heart. We want to reach into the hearts and minds of people around the world and make an impact enough to trigger a change in their lifestyles and views. Hopefully this will help to cultivate love for the ONE who gives us life: Mother Earth. This love has been tainted by the world of consumption and the race for supremacy.

This love has been lost to an antagonist reflected in the hunger and extreme poverty in which some of our brothers and sister live. It’s the love that is missed among so many wars and killings. But like the ashes of a phoenix bird, Harmony for Change is set on making this love rebirth... to stir the soul to understand why everything we see around us, including our own kind, will not last for much longer if we don't learn to truly love again.

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Not Today The latest video from Harmony for Change has been released! The threat of bullying in our society is growing and continues to terrorize many of our children. Not Today is a call to awareness and action that we, both as individuals and as a society, can no longer tolerate bullying and intimidation of our youth. Details >

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